Screen #1

Screen #2

Screen #3

Three large, flat-screen video monitors are placed, elevated, left to right, on which three 70-minute silent films are projected containing visual images associated with (and synchronized with a pre-recorded electro-acoustic score) the verbal and musical motives in the libretto / Orson’s mind. A grand piano with the lid removed and its bench, are positioned upstage center beneath the middle screen. Ten mis-matched chairs and wire stands are arrayed in an arc in front of the piano facing downstage; players’ cases, handbags, some books, and instruments, are scattered between and beside the chairs as though the performers have taken a break. Center is a conductor’s podium and music stand.

Downstage, with their backs to us, sit three ORSONS on stools, watching the films.

There is an ORCHESTRA OF MUSES in the pit. Led by a CONDUCTOR, THEY strike up an overture synchronized to the films and a pre-recorded electro-acoustic track.

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